Approach & Delivery

  • To provide a rich, hands on experience of the animation and/or design process.
  • To build confidence in learners – both staff and pupils.
  • To encourage and promote creative learning within the curriculum.
  • To provide the opportunity to learn using a combination of traditional and new media.
  • To highlight the importance of team working and creative thinking skills.

Planning & Preparation 

Initial Meeting: I will meet and/or speak to the class teacher (or workshop host) prior to the workshop to ensure the desired outcomes and expectations are outlined.

Project Brief / Workshop Plans: Following the initial meeting, a project brief and/or workshop plans will be created. The class teacher (or workshop host) must approve the documentation prior to the start of the project.

Workshop Delivery

I will work to the approved project brief and/or workshop plans. The delivery of workshop will follow a general process of storyboarding, creating visuals, animating on iPads (or alternative hardware/software if requested and provided by the school), audio recording and editing. Pupils will be provided with a rich, hands on experience of the animation process gaining an appreciation for the importance of team working and creative thinking skills

Teachers/Helpers: At least one adult helper is required during a workshop of up to 12 children (out of school).  When workshops are delivered to a whole class (in school), the class teacher must be present and available to assist during the workshop duration.

Equipment, Materials & Travel

General materials are inclusive in the workshop cost. Additional material costs may be required dependent on the desired media to be used. Travel expenses are exclusive to workshop cost and charged at 0.40p per mile. There is no travel fee for schools based within a 6 mile radius of Innerleithen.


“We have had lots of positive parental feedback and the children loved sharing their work with their families… The children still talk about the work they did on the project. It was good to involve everyone in using technology at such a young age as this can be quite challenging.” Class Teacher, Halyrude Primary School.

“It was superb – the children, and myself, got a lot from the project. It was a fun and active way to learn that the children will always remember… The children were very engaged, motivated and enthusiastic.” Class Teacher, Kingsland Primary School.

“I really enjoyed the whole process and seeing the ideas develop into a final product. Simone has a great manner with the children. She is patient and has many good ideas. She made the whole process easy and exciting for all involved.” Class Teacher, Walkerburn Primary School

“One of the best CPD courses I have attended.”

“Tutor was knowledgeable and enthused about the subject.”

“Well delivered with a variety of practical activities.”

“Tutor very knowledgeable with lots to share.”

“Tutor well prepared and an effective communicator.”

“I learned new and easy techniques to use. This couldn’t have been improved.”

Extracted from SBC CPD Feedback Report