sr-during-workshopWhen I was studying Visual Communication at Gray’s School of Art, I had the opportunity to learn the art of stop motion animation.  I completed a project at Strathburn Primary School in Inverurie as part of the BP Tutoring Scheme.  The children in the class created characters of what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I took the visuals back to the studio and animated them, creating an advertising animation for the scheme.  I fell in love with the innocence of their visuals coming to life.  It was from then on that I continued to deliver animation workshops on a self employed basis following on from my graduation.

Animation Projects

I have had so many wonderful opportunities right on my door step in the Scottish Borders.  I have worked alongside the Creative Learning Network, part of the Arts Development Team at the Scottish Borders Council, which has created a wealth of exciting projects for me.

I was also selected to represent the Scottish Borders creatives and take part in the Artworks Scotland pilot project for Quality.  I asked my home school, St. Ronan’s Primary in Innerleithen, to take part in the project with me.  The outcome of the project has highlighted the importance of Quality in terms of workshop delivery and Artworks Scotland have created a toolkit for other creatives to use when delivering workshops.

Workshop Availability

I work on a commissioned basis and am open to all ideas – big or small.  My current ‘workshop days’ are Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and can also be available on Friday afternoons or Saturdays on request.  If you wish to work alongside me on an animation (and/or design) project, please so not hesitate to get in touch.

Link to Animations

There are hundreds!  Some can be found on this YouTube channel.