I want to book a Consultation Meeting – what now?

Ready to discuss? Fill in my wedding enquiry form and I’ll be in touch soon. A Consultation Meeting is only required if you wish to go for the Bespoke Design Service.  A few common questions are answered below:

When’s best to book my Consultation Meeting?

There’s really no set time scale that you must follow.  The only thing I do ask is for you to leave at least 35 working days (plus your own decision time) for the full process to take place.  You then of course need to factor in sending out your Invitations, and leaving plenty of time for your guests to RSVP.  It is advised to send your Invitations 12 weeks prior to the wedding, and ask guests to RSVP 6 weeks prior to the wedding.  This gives you time to collate your RSVPS so we can then create your On The Day stationery.  All On The Day stationery must be sent to print 3 weeks prior to your wedding (this gives us a safety net of 1 week should you need to make any changes and get a reprint!)

I am happy to meet with you within 6-9 months of your wedding date.  I’d love to meet you further in advance but due to my busy work schedule this isn’t feasible.  

Where can we meet?

I am based in Innerleithen and have all my design and print samples here in the studio for you to view.  It is always best to have the meeting here but if it’s not possible, we can discuss alternative options if required.  

Previous work?

You can see examples of other wedding stationery I have created here.  My testimonials page includes reviews from previous clients which may be of interest also.

What is the process?

Find out more on how we can design your perfect stationery together on the creating your stationery page.

If you’re ready to go ahead, or want to ask any more questions, please fill in my wedding enquiry form and I’ll be in touch soon.